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“I have read the ingredients and tried the Morgasm pills, and feel this is an effective and safe orgasm enhancement formula for men, I would have no problem recommending these to my paitents as a sex enhancer and also to paitents who suffer Anorgasmia.” - Dr James Frank

“Wow, this stuff is amazing. I already thought sex was great, now I think its fantastic”
- Frank

“I suffered the inability to reach orgasm in a timely manner. This would mean I would have to masturbate for at least 30 minutes before I cum. This was very frustrating. Now thanks to Morgasm, I can cum within 5 minutes, and have a really good sensation.”
- Shaun

“Great boost to my libido, and major improvements to my orgasm sensation. Im back to buy another bottle”
- Gerald

“Fantastic product, with great results. This was the exact product I have been looking for for years.”
- Karl

“1 pill is all I need to have an explosive orgasm.”
- Jim

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